“I came to your website today to praise not only your incredible mouthwatering food but also your warm service. Reading through the other comments on your page I realized it’s not the first time I have done so! I am also the patron who wrote that I have been coming here for years with my family, since I was just a little girl and how Maria still remembers me when I come and not only asks how my family is but greets me with a hug. Your food and service are both unparalleled, eating at Pagliuca’s is like coming home. Thank you for all you do and please know that all your hard work is appreciated, just the thought of your restaurant warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. I look forward to many many more years of not eating any where else in the North End.”

“When I was younger my parents would take us to eat in eh North End at least one a month we tried just about every place there before trying Pag’s. From that point “When I was younger my parents would take us to eat in eh North End at least one a month we tried just about every place there before trying Pag’s. From that point on we only went there. The food in our opinion is the best, I have tried pretty much everything on the menu and LOVE It all! There Chicken Felix is to die for, Chicken Campanga and Chicken Parm are the best ever!! The staff is so great, one of the waitress even remembered me after I hadn’t been in for like two years.”

“Pag’s is my favorite restaurant in the North End and that is why I cannot believe some of these bad reviews! You go into Pag’s and is a friendly Italian atmosphere. It is not a restaurant that you can go into quickly and grab a nice dinner or have a nice romantic dinner (depending on the time). When going to Pag’s you need to plan on having a nice, long, enjoyable, homemade Italian dinner with all the fixings of Italy. Enjoy the homemade red wine, Michael’s Special and delicious Chicken Felix! Wash it all down with Zambuca and homemade Tiramisu. Go and have a great night of food, wine and laughs with your friends or spouse, it’s worth it!! I am actually heading there this evening!”

“This Saturday, 2/9. my wife, 85 yr old mother and I were treated to a superb dining experience. We arrived at 6pm after a theatre matinee, and were attentively catered too by Christina, Oscar and Maria (I believe). Menu suggestions of stuffed eggplant, veal bracioletinni and the wonderful lobster/shrimp/calamari dish in white sauce were a wonderful prelude to cappuccino and canoles. My mom even requested the canoles be filled at tableside (seniors!) and Christina gladly obliged. I know tables are at a premium on Saturday night; we remained until 7:40 and always felt welcome. For me, Saturday evenings are limited and special; I am a caterer and have a sense of the innumerable challenges you face. Thanks, it was a joy to come to Pagliuca’s.” David Nickinson

“Many years ago, my cousin introduced me to your restaurant on a trip to Boston. Every year since, eating at your restaurant has become a tradition. The food, the service, everything is fantastic! I am thrilled that since I started taking my daughter there, she loves it as well!” Michelle, December 18, 2007

“Just visited your restaurant today, Sunday, August 17th, and I just want to tell how great our meals were. The food was made to order and came to our table hot. Amazing Shrimp Margarita-the sauce was delicious and my husband hand the seafood special-filled with mussels, calamari and shrimp. It absolutely loved it. We will definitely love to go again. The service was excellent and our meal was fantastic-Thanks. Our 26th wedding anniversary if next week and we hope to visit your restaurant again.” By Sharon

“My boyfriend and I first took his daughters to your restaurant in 2007. We liked it so much, when we took a long weekend in September of 2008, we decided we would go again. Once again, we had a great lunch and great service. This is truly a favorite of ours, and we will recommend this to everyone we talk to. Thanks for the great food and great service! We plan on returning many times!” By Andrea Piche Monday September 22, 2008